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Pixel Devils Portfolio. Devious Designs with Usability in mind.

Website Design and Development:

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Brief:Modernise site, widen page content area, increase online sales.
Implement findings from recent usabilty studies undertaken with Bunnyfoot.


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Brief:Create brand for business cards, brochures and online presence.
Drive business to this HR consultancy start-up through free online HR resources, leading to enquiries.


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Client testimonial for Breathing Space site and branding:

Everyone comments on how good my website is and more over - it attracts business.

I asked Richard to design me a website and a logo, both of which I have been using for over three years and I have been very happy with the results.
I like Richard's creativity as it looks and feels different to my competitors but is still easy to navigate.

We have reviewed the content over the years and added bits and bobs as I have developed the business.
It has been an easy working relationship and Richard has a passion for web design and a creative mind for taking your thoughts and values to make a logo which represents and delivers meaning.

Suzie Bogle, Director, Breathing Space Hr. March 2010

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Brief:Emphasise Leger Holiday's premium coach holidays service in order to differentiate Silver Service brand from its main competitors.
This site has yet to be launched.


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Disney Parks page.    

Brief:Create vibrant and informative site based around Disneyland Paris to drive repeat visitors and maximise online revenue stream.


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View To the Magic site in new window.

Brief:Design and build static site for new guesthouse in Northumbria. Unfortunately the funding of this project was pulled nearing its completion.


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Brief:Launch phase 1 of the site within 2 weeks. Design and develop youth-orientated site to sell tickets to Exit Festival 2006.


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Brief:Create site which appeals to teenage audience in order to get them interested in knitting fashion garments and so use R2 products.


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