Will your tent be here in 2006?!

EXIT Camp 06

Experience the true spirit of the Exit Festival next to the sandy beaches of the Danube, 10 mins on foot from EXIT.

Camp includes showers, telephone, internet, mobile chargers, info bureaus and a shop.

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A DJ on the EXIT camp site!


The camp site will open on Tuesday 4th July and close on Tuesday 11th July.

Located on the shore of Danube, in the relaxing ambience of the park situated between the boardwalk and the Novi Sad University campus, EXIT Camp will host 1000's of international festival goers who wish to spend every moment of their visit to Novi Sad in the unique festival atmosphere of EXIT.

Each guest will receive a bracelet when checking in and arriving to the Camp; All entrance and lodging for the EXIT camp will be allowed only
with these bracelets.
Security staff will be in charge of maintaining the peace and quiet at the Camp and taking care of your safety, in addition to providing information.
You may enter the Camp through any of the six entrances along the fence, except when first arriving to the Camp, when you will have to apply and confirm your reservation at the reception, next to the "Gradiliste" club, across the building of the Novi Sad University of Philosophy.
There will also be a currency exchange office inside the Camp.

2006 FIFA World Cup coverage
The guests of the Camp will also be able to watch the final games of the FIFA World Cup in Germany on the video screens
(July 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th 2006)

EXIT campers enjoy the beach DJ!

The Beach

Outside of the campgrounds is the beach, the best place for morning chill out.

Staffed with professional lifeguards, there is a beach stage with a daily music program from midday to 5pm, a beach bar, a grocery store, as well as 'Food Land' where drinks and food can be purchased.