An photo of the fortress.

The Petrovaradin Fortress

Originally Roman-occupied, the fortress perches high above the banks of the River Danube, offering stunning views over Novi Sad.

The site was re-built to its current structure in the 18th century.

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A Brief History

1692 saw the start of the construction of the biggest fortification in the Austrian empire on the spot where an original fortress once stood, the site some 40 meters high.

The first phase of construction was finished in 1726, and the second phase started 1753 and was finished in 1780.

In 1849 a Hungarian army bombed Novi Sad from the Fortress, burning it down and almost completely destroying it.

The Fortress Today

Thankfully today the fortress enjoys more peaceful times!

Restoration and conservation of the facilities at the Fortress started in 1951 after it stopped serving as a military center in 1948.

It accommodates an art academy, the Novi Sad City Museum and Historical Archive, an equestrian club and an archery club amongst other activities to be found there.

Beneath the structure is a famous complex of catacombs that can be explored with sight seeing tours complete with professional guides!

Outside the Fortress cafe.

The Fortress & EXIT

The Fortress is an ideal venue for the EXIT Festival, which moved there in 2001 as it continued to grow in numbers and reputation!

It's idyllic views and the lack of noise restrictions make it an amazing and ideal festival location!